A Praise for Snowshoeing

If 1) you have a slight case of high anxiety and 2) no car to transport cumbersome
ski equipment, there is still a possibility to enjoy winter sports: snowshoeing!
I cannot give enough praise to this awesome way to spend hours and hours out in the
crisp winter air. You don’t need to deal with annoying ski lift queues, overcrowded
ski slopes, a strained economy, or imminent health risks.
Instead you slowly and mindfully move through snowy forests, along mountain
crests, or wherever there is a good trail. You can use your hiking boots and
sticks, and you only need to buy a pair of snowshoes. It’s perfectly safe if you
stay on well known paths, or official showshoe trails.
Countless are the hours that I’ve spent happily making my way through beaming
winter landscapes, with only the crunching of snow below my feet, occasional
sounds from woodpeckers or little babbling rivers. Sometimes in the shadowy
forest, sometimes immersed in the sun on an open mountain path, I work my
way forward, step by step. No stress, no hurry, just me and nature,
slowly enjoying each other’s company.

The Goms valley is a perfect place for snowshoeing

The Goms valley is a perfect place for snowshoeing

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