A Sunny Guesthouse

As a flash it comes – far too quickly – our long longed for mountain summer.
Of course, all sharply defined seasons up here are wonderful, but summer is ….
Pure Paradise. That is why family and friends all want to come during these
three magical months – and I am delighted they do!
So for the next weeks my little chalet will see ex-colleagues, old and new friends
and daughters come and go, and I will be happily busy planning, cooking,
embellishing, and planning hikes suitable for all levels of hikers. I love seeing
my “Joyeux Soleil” as a joyful guesthouse, filled with life and laughter!
When a visit is over, I hike up to the mountain to thank life for its variety and
fullness, and to fill my soul with the spaciousness of higher altitudes. Few visitors
make it all the way up there: they already have to get accustomed to being at 1.300m
above sea level, and then there is another 800m ascent to overcome, so even if I miss
their company I’m happy to return to my favourite places above 2.000m for my dose
of what the Germans call “Höhenrausch”, High Altitude Euphoria.
These intense and active weeks leave me with little time for meditation or writing
and since I have eradicated stress from my life there will be a little Summer Pause
in blogging. Beginning of July I will be back with fresh ideas, reflections, and
Until then I hope you will all enjoy warmer mornings, lighter dresses, the smell of
summer rain on asphalt, a nice cocktail on a terrace, and dipping your feet in a sea,
a lake, a river, or a pool ☺

Dipping my feet in a “bisse” was …. refreshing! 😉

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