A Year in the Swiss Alps

Spending most of my time out and about in the mountains taking pictures, I end up having a huge selection of nice photos from the beautiful Swiss Alps. The changes of seasons are very visible here and I adore documenting them.

Would you be interested in following me along my path during a year? I am considering to put together a photo calendar and would like to know if there is any interest among my readers. Please let me know if the idea appeals to you!

At the moment I am looking around for alternatives on where to print them and hopefully I will find something feasible. ­čÖé

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in the mountainsÔÇŽ.

Spring in Vernami├Ęge

Summer at Lac de Taney

Autumn in Mase

Winter at Le Rimble

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3 Responses to A Year in the Swiss Alps

  1. Beatrix says:

    Ja, gern!!

    • Sabinas says:

      Das Freut mich! Haha, aber du bist eine von zwei interessenten, also wird (momentan) nichts draus ­čśë Danke jedenfalls f├╝r das Interesse, liebe Beatrix!

  2. Barbara Mage says:

    Coucou Sabina,
    L’id├ęe est sympa et tes photos tant belles !
    Si tu fais un calendrier avec tes belles photos, j’ach├Ęte 1

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