Abandoned Houses

On my hikes I come across quite a few abandoned houses. Most of them were not
used for people to live in; they where either stables or hay barns. In the old days
farmers brought their cattle to graze up above the village during summer and
down below it in winter time. Almost every family had one or several cows, and they
were moved around according to the seasons. Often the somewhat older children
accompanied the cattle, and slept in one of the small houses.
Modern farming does not use these procedures anymore. Of course, here in the Alps
the cows are still moved higher up in the mountains during summer – roughly from June
to September – but then in much bigger flocks, and to much bigger barns.
Therefore hundreds of these little brown larch timber houses have become obsolete.
Some are being dismantled and the facades are built up again in or close to a village,
and turned into liveable housing, such as my little “chalet”. Some are just slowly
being taken over by nature.
Passing by these abandoned old houses I always stop and take a moment to admire the
velvety moss on the roofs, the sturdy timber, darkened by the sun over years and
years, or the wild roses embracing it. I linger for a while, looking for nice angles
or details to take photos of. I love these abandoned houses, silent witnesses
of old times, and another way of life…

A very, very abandoned house...

A very, very abandoned house…

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