Aging Well

The question about my age has never bothered me (except during my teenager teenage years, when people always thought I was much younger…). When I turned 60, however, I suddenly realized that “old age” was quickly approaching. This realisation made me sit down and ponder on how I wanted to grow old. I made a small list, and saved it for the years to come 😉
I intend to do my best to age well and not to give up on a fulfilled life because my health grows weak. Obviously I will have to renounce on some things, but my main point is that I don’t want to “give in to old age”, to stop taking well care of myself, on the inside and the outside, and turn into an invisible, tired, negative old lady…
Some old age goals:
• Keep moving! Long walks every day and my back exercise program three times a week.
• Remain socially engaged: volunteer work as hiking guide (if possible), with children or refugees.
• Keep up with what happens in the world. Find a source that suits you on the Internet.
• Never stop being curious! Learn something new each week: a poem, a fact, a foreign word, the name of a flower…
• Continue to explore music. It’s such a source of joy and there is always something new & exciting to discover.
• Meditate every day, even when the half lotus position is not physically possible anymore.
• Ban invisible colours like grey and beige from my wardrobe and dress in classical dark blue or fresh, happy colours.
• Adjust food intake, in order not to put on too much weight (the older you get, the less calories you need). Light, nourishing, fresh & home made food. Regular meals,
no snacking.
• Not give up on a little makeup around the eyes or a little lipstick, which always raises the mood 😉

Nobody knows what’s in store for us in the future. Physical aging might make it difficult to follow these goals, but I resolve to do my very best to still be an addition to humankind when I grow old – and not a burden. Aging Well is the motto.

My children’s beloved Oma, a role model for aging well

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2 Responses to Aging Well

  1. Bethany says:

    I’m such a fan of this post! (And your Instagram; my Instagram name is thecitydweller and I’m one of your followers.) You’ve got such an amazing and fresh perspective. Thank you for sharing this here; I think I’ll implement some of these tenets of aging well myself. 😉

    Take care, and see ya on Instagram!
    Bethany from Atlanta, GA, USA

    • Sabinas says:

      Dear Bethany,
      thank you so much for your kind comment! It bring me such joy to hear that you like my little musings and even want to implement some of the thoughts 🙂
      All the best,

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