Always Take the Weather With You

Sometimes I feel like a hermit, living in my little house at the end of the village
and spending most of my time on my own. Entire days can pass when I speak to no-one
and just wander around in my own circles… And yes, I truly and deeply enjoy my slow,
silent and solitary life-style with lots of space.
There are also times, when my life is one coming and going, when trips and visitors
succeed each other and life gets very sociable and a bit hectic.
It’s all or nothing! 🙂
During the intense periods I’m often a bit overwhelmed by busy city life with all the
people, activities, and noises. Luckily I’ve learned to carry my little personal cloud
of calm and gentleness with me wherever I am and whoever I am with. Like in the song:
“Wherever You Go, Always Take the Weather with You”.
When I want to return to my calm and sunny weather within, I breathe like this:
Breathing in – I fill myself with energy
With filled lungs – I feel my inner clarity
Breathing out – I enjoy the calm inside
With empty lungs – I softly let go
and then I remind myself to smile to the present moment, whatever the
outer circumstances.

This is the weather I'm taking with me  (from my garden)

This is the weather I’m taking with me (from my garden)

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