I am not a nutritionist, and this blog is not about food. However, David Servan-Schreiber’s book “Anticancer” was so inspiring that I just have to share some of the insights from it.
One of the main messages is very well-known, but it needs to be repeated:
white flour and sugar should be cut out from our diets.
They are the two main sources for inflammation in our bodies. That’s why so many people don’t feel well, without being visibly ill. Their bodies are constantly inflammated.
White flour and sugar also directly feed cancer cells, since these mainly live on glucose, and that’s what sugar and white flour turn to once they’re digested.
It was quite a shock to read it plainly like that, and I drastically reduced the intake of these two “vilains”. On the Internet you can find recipes for cakes and cookies without white flour and sugar, like the cookies in the picture below!
Another problem are all the processed food products. They almost always contain large amounts of one and/or the other. Why don’t you write down what processed food products you consume during a week – and then try to substitute at least some of them with home-made alternatives? Not an easy task if you work full time, but with some planning it’s possible. Give it a try – the benefits are great. Both for your health and for your wallet!

Oatmeal & banana cookies with cocoa powder - mmmh!

Oatmeal & banana cookies with cocoa powder – mmmh!

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