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Days & Nights in Nature

During summer I’d like to spend my whole life outdoors. Due to electricity and water some things have to be handled in the house, though, like cooking and washing. However, almost any other activity be moved outdoors! Even ironing: with … Continue reading

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The Golden Marigold

Where I live, marigold is almost seen as a weed: it grows easily all over the place. However, unfortunately not everywhere: it didn’t use to grow in my garden, so I threw out some seeds and now it thrives here … Continue reading

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Aging Well

The question about my age has never bothered me (except during my teenager teenage years, when people always thought I was much younger…). When I turned 60, however, I suddenly realized that “old age” was quickly approaching. This realisation made … Continue reading

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Fresh Herbal Teas

Herbal teas made with dried herbs can be enjoyed all year round, but nothing beats fresh herbs in summer! It’s a completely different experience using the herbs fresh from your balcony or garden, both for the eye – I love … Continue reading

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Face Your Fears

During a long train trip that I recently took, I pondered the question “What is my greatest fear?”. In order to live a peaceful life I feel it’s important to do these kind of reflections from time to time. My … Continue reading

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The Happy Amateur Hiking Guide

In my youth I always saw myself as a Lone Wolf and didn’t want to conform to any “group activities” or groups. When I moved up to the Alps, however, I realised that it was not the best way to … Continue reading

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Wonderful Wildflowers

Spring is the season for wildflower abundance in the Alps and every flower lover’s paradise! The variety seems endless; flowers come in all shapes and colours and here’s just a small selection. This pink flower is surely found in other … Continue reading

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Know Your Soil

When I moved to my little house in the mountains, one of the first things I did was to prepare for a small herb garden. It has always been a dream of mine to grow my own herbs! I found … Continue reading

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The Extraordinary Healthy Express Chocolate Mousse

Oh, chocolate, how I adore you….! I’ve been a hard-core chocolate lover ever since my parents (who, surprisingly, were dentists.. ) let me try it. My favourite variety has changed over the years, from milk chocolate with nuts and raisins … Continue reading

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Happy Feet

Many years ago my mother told me about a very old man in Austria, who was asked for the secret of his long life in good health. His answer was: the massage he gave his feet every evening. Since then … Continue reading

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