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Village Life II

I spent my childhood and adolescence in a small village and I ended up hating it. I constantly felt observed and commented, having to play a role I had not chosen myself and that I was not happy with. Besides … Continue reading

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A Sunny Guesthouse

As a flash it comes – far too quickly – our long longed for mountain summer. Of course, all sharply defined seasons up here are wonderful, but summer is …. Pure Paradise. That is why family and friends all want … Continue reading

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Magical Meetings

There is so much happiness inside me when I am out hiking – just the fact of walking in Nature! Sometimes, however, this happiness turns into pure bliss, and that is when I have an encounter with a wild animal. … Continue reading

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Where People Meet

In our fast-paced, technology oriented society public spaces are no longer places where strangers can meet in a natural way: on buses or trains, on park benches and at café tables there are hardly any openings for a rapprochement between … Continue reading

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Life’s Surprises

We met again after ten years and suddenly everything changed. Suddenly my life seems different, my center of gravity is upset and my feet search for solid ground. I had installed myself in a world of my own choice and … Continue reading

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Village Life

After one and a half year up in my little village, suddenly I notice that I really feel at home. That feeling is not related to my house or the surroundings (where I settled in directly after moving here) but has … Continue reading

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The Greatest Gift

I know, they were not really “given” to me, but still I consider my daughters to be Life’s greatest gift to me. Without them, I would never be the person I am today: thanks to their presence in my life, … Continue reading

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When a Friendship Ends

The first time this happened to me I was a child, and it struck me very hard. Since then I have learned to handle it better, but there is no denying it: when a friendship ends, you experience an important … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings

Christmas is such a cosy and beautiful celebration, and ever since childhood I have enjoyed how it marked long and dark winters with happiness and light. However, as an adult I have chosen to affiliate with other spiritual traditions than … Continue reading

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We Are All – HUMAN

Some movies have a strong impact on you. I’m not talking about horror movies that scare you or beautiful love stories that make you cry. I’m talking about movies that shake you up, that make you stop and reflect. You … Continue reading

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