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Poetizing Life

When I read the expression “to poetize life” it instinctively appealed to me, even though I wasn’t really sure what it meant. Checking up the expression I learned that to poetize life means to “bring beauty and love to man, … Continue reading

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Be There for the Elderly

It is now been 8 months since my mother passed away. At the age of 89 the day she left us did not come as a surprise, but of course it was still a great loss. Apart from being the … Continue reading

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Flower Power

Flowers makes us happy and I think even clothes with flower prints spread jollity. They are not serious or elegant, but they manifest a joy of living! Flower prints might be regarded as a little ridiculous by those who want … Continue reading

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Your Health is Your Capital

Luckily we do not know what the future has in store for us. Despite a healthy lifestyle we might fall seriously ill tomorrow or have a severe accident next month, and there’s nothing we can do about that. What you … Continue reading

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Different Places, Same Life

A couple of times per year I leave my mountain paradise to visit family and friends in different cities across Europe. I am always quite excited about these trips; first of all because I’ve been missing my loved ones so … Continue reading

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Village Life II

I spent my childhood and adolescence in a small village and I ended up hating it. I constantly felt observed and commented, having to play a role I had not chosen myself and that I was not happy with. Besides … Continue reading

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Dear Writing

Dear Writing, Ever since I was a child, you have always been there, like a faithful friend. In those days I sporadically kept a journal, wrote lots of notes to my friends during classes, and loved essay writing. My teacher … Continue reading

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My Backpack is My Home

As the season of daylong hikes has started, my backpack becomes one of the most important parts of my experience. I need to pack things to keep me warm and safe, I need food and water, a small emergency kit, … Continue reading

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Planners & Discoverers

The other day I read a very interesting paper by Daniel Chandler, “The Phenomenology of Writing by Hand”. There, he
divides writers into two groups: Planners, who tend to think of writing primarily as a means of recording or communicating ideas, … Continue reading

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Even Closer to Nature

Living at the edge of a tiny village in the mountains and having the privilege of spending several hours outdoors every day (hiking or gardening), I already feel pretty close to nature. I go out in any kind of weather, … Continue reading

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