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Early Mornings

We all have different biological clocks. There are people who aren’t really awake until after lunch, even if their working schedule forces them to be up and running already at 7 AM. Other people enjoy waking up with the birds, … Continue reading

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Refreshed by Winter

Winter solitude in a world of one colour the sound of wind. Matsuo Basho I say winter, and I guess you think ”snow”. Alas, many places winter are not sparkling white at all, but mainly grey, humid and windy. We … Continue reading

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White Light Meditation

In wintertime, when days are dark and grey, we need strategies to avoid getting gloomy. People turn on extra lights in their houses, or even take light therapy, plan for the next sunny beach vacation, or light dozens of candles. … Continue reading

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Moon Child

Tonight I’m unable to fall asleep. I toss and turn in my bed, thoughts chase each other and nothing seems able to calm them down. Impossible to control the whirlwind in my head by counting my breaths or doing a … Continue reading

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My Body is My Temple

“Don’t you realise that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” (1 Corinthians 6:19) Most of us probably do, but do we live out the real meaning of this quote: a harmonious unity of body and mind; equal, … Continue reading

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In Between Seasons

Summer still lingers on up here: temperatures at midday are around 25C and I’ve been able to hike in shorts and sleeveless tops. Every day like this is a precious gift, and very consciously I enjoy the fresh breeze against … Continue reading

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The Stunningly Sage Sage

Out of all medicinal herbs, sage (salvia officials) is one of the most common ones – and most versatile. Its curative qualities have been known for thousands of years: already the Romans said “Cur moreretur homo dum salvia crosscut horto?”, i.e. … Continue reading

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Summer Happiness

For many, vacation is the time when they can do what they most love to do. Finally there’s enough time to start an eagerly awaited project, to travel and discover new places, to read that thousand page book, take up … Continue reading

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Yellow As The Sun

Botany is one of my main interests in life, and especially the knowledge of medicinal plants. During the last two years I’ve learned a lot from books and from the internet, but the best way remains being taught “in the … Continue reading

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Green, Greener, the Greenest

Already as a child, my favourite colour was green. When us siblings were to choose among different colours, my older brother chose red, my younger blue and I went for green. And green has stayed with me through the years: during … Continue reading

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