Christmas Colours

The two most typical colours of the upcoming Holiday Season are red and green,
aren’t they? Santa’s suit and the Christmas tree! I thought about the symbolism
behind these colours, and…
Red, of course, is the symbol of Love. True love, not only directed towards our
close ones, but towards all that surrounds us: humans, animals, plants, and nature
as a whole. Unconditional love, not depending on how others seem to be, what they
do or don’t do. That is what I call ‘Christmas Spirit’.
Green stands for balance, freshness, and rebirth. In connection with the New Year
I find the ‘rebirth’ aspect especially suitable: we look back at the past year, and
make resolutions to change or add certain aspects in our lives. January 1st feels
like a clean slate, inspiring us to make a new beginning with our very best
When winter has reached its darkest point and the light has just been reborn I
decorate my house with lots of red and green. I fill my heart with affection and
care for all of Life and I enjoy the fresh feeling of starting anew.
Love makes everything is possible!

Christmas Colours

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2 Responses to Christmas Colours

  1. Jane says:

    I love reading your posts, very envious of your pure, simple lifestyle.
    Wishing you love and peace for the new year x

    • @spesab says:

      Oh, thank you so much, dear Jane! What a wonderful message 🙂 Perhaps you can simplify your lifestyle, too..? I’d be more than happy to give advice 🙂

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