Colour Therapy

I am convinced that the general mood lift most of us experience during spring
and summer is, at least partly, due to the return of colours. In many regions
winters are prevailingly dull and grey and it is no wonder that people become
gloomy or outright depressed. They get neither enough light nor enough colours,
and their whole lives seem dull and grey.
Spring does not only bring the return of light and life, but also of colours –
no wonder our spirits get higher! There is a colour splash with the tender green
of grass and leaves, the dreamy blue hue of the sky, and all the flowers in all
their rainbow colours: first out are the radiant yellow ones, like dandelions
and daffodils One theory to why is that pollinators would be able to “see” yellow
better at this time of year, with its shorter hours of light and more clouds.
We humans also tend to become more colourful during the brighter seasons. The
dominance of black, as elegant as it is, is broken by lighter shades of beige or grey,
or even more cheerful colours. How come that we feel the wish for these changes in
our wardrobe? Why do we dress in darker shades in winter, when there already is a
lack of light and colours? It seems that dark colours absorb more heat, and that
they have the tendency not to allow the warmth of the body to pass through. Well,
I myself have consciously left the Black League to bring more colours into my winter
outfits as well because colours make me happy!
Many scientists claim that colour therapy, or chromotherapy, is a “pseudo-science”,
but already the ancient Indian Ayurveda medicine acknowledged the effect of colours
on humans. Chromotherapy works basically with the traditional spectral colours that
are evoked by a single wavelength of light, i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and
violet. It claims that the different coloured rays have various therapeutic effects
on organisms. By knowing the action of the different colours upon organs and systems
of the body, one can apply the correct colour that will tend to balance the action
of these organs and systems. You may believe in this idea or not, but I find it very
interesting (read more here), and I do notice that colours influence the way I feel.
Don’t you sometimes feel drawn to certain colours, and want to surround yourself
with them? Right now I want to bathe in and surround myself with – yellow!

This bug also loves YELLOW!

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