Conquering My Garden

When I moved into this house a good year ago, with it came my first garden. True,
our childhood home had a big garden, but I didn’t really care much about it, except
as a playground or lawns to sunbathe.
The garden around my little chalet is actually quite big – and wild! Only tiny parts
of it were cultivated by my predecessors, and last year my main task was to build a
veggie garden, which I had been longing for so long. The harvest turned out rather
modest, but I learned a lot.
This year I feel that I’m actually conquering the garden, little by little, corner by
corner. Since it’s situated on a slope, most grass cutting has to be done by hand, so
taming the wilderness is done in very small steps. I take photos “before” and “after”
and it gives me great pleasure to see the progress I make.
In spring it’s wonderful seeing last year’s plants reappearing – the Peony that seemed
dead, the Alpine Clematis and all the herbs – and now that I have cleared up the wilder-
ness I have more space for new plants! Several friends have provided me with interesting
material from their gardens; I’m anxiously waiting for signs of life in different flower
seeds and I wonder if the cuttings will make it.
I love this organic way to take possession of my garden, and not “having it fixed”
all at once. This way I feel that we are really growing together, my wild & free
garden and I.

During my morning walk through the garden

During my morning walk through the garden

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