Crispy Crunchy Knäckebröd

Some weeks ago I blogged about this season’s favourite soup and I think a soup needs to be accompanied by some nice bread. Most often I serve my beloved sour-dough bread, but a homemade crisp bread is also an appreciated alternative.
This recipe comes from a good friend back in Sweden, home of the knäckebröd , and every time I bake it, it disappears in no time since it’s also great as a healthy snack in the evening.
This crisp bread has a wonderful taste of corn and seeds and it is a favourite of mine since it’s also really simple to do. The hardest part is flattening it out, because the thinner you make it, the crunchier and yummier it becomes. I use a soft dough-scraper for the perfect finish!

Corn Crisp bread

1 dl sunflower seeds
½ dl sesame seeds
½ dl linseed
> 1 Tsp salt
(plus other spices, e.g. turmeric, fenugreek, nigella…)
2 dl corn flour (chickpea or buckwheat flour work well too, but give a different taste)
½ dl sunflower oil
1 ½ dl boiling water

Preheat oven to 150°
Mix all the dry ingredients
Pour over oil and boiling water
Form a dough
Flatten the dough out on parchment paper with a soft dough-scraper
Bake 30-45 min – or until golden

When cooled off your whole house will be filled with crunching sounds and the smell of happiness!

*Crunch crunch!*

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2 Responses to Crispy Crunchy Knäckebröd

  1. Val says:

    so delicious I’ll try it as soooon as possible
    many thanks for the recipe

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