Don’t Despair Over Your Teenager

My daughter just left after four truly wonderful days together here in my Alpine paradise.
We hiked, discussed, laughed, cooked, read, listened to music, watched movies and
laughed again, enjoying every single second spent together.
It was not always like that.
In her teens we went through some really difficult years, with lots of misunderstandings,
nasty fights, and unpleasant events and I remember a period when I (both of us!) counted
the months to her moving away from home.
Thanks to my contact with Eastern wisdom (slowing down & taking a step back before
reacting), and thanks to both of us working on ourselves the situation has completely
changed: now she’s one of my best friends, and if ever I need advice or support, she’s
among the first persons I will turn to.
So please, if you have a bad relationship with your teenager at home (or anybody else..):
don’t despair! You can change it. Calm down your spontaneous reactions, take
the time to LISTEN to each other, and grow – together.
And as my old friend Birgit used to say: “Bear with your teenagers. Remember they are
poisoned by hormones”

Cozy days with ♡my daughter♡

Cozy days with ♡my daughter♡

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