Early Morning Energy

Waking up at five doesn’t bother me; I just love getting up with the sun. I do my morning
sit-ups, oil pulling, water the garden, have a steady bircher müesli breakfast – blog post
will follow 😉 – and pack my backpack. At seven I am ready to leave the house.
The freshness of the early morning hours is just unbeatable. It feels as if the boost of energy that gets the new day going soaks my whole being. An urge to sing a happy song cannot always be retained. Some cars pass me by – early birds on their way to work down
in the city – but soon I leave the asphalt road for a small, graveled one.
Shortly after, the sun rises behind the mountains, and when the first rays reach me I’m
bathed in light and stop to really take it all in. This is my day; I am responsible for staying open, focused and happy, and this early light bath gives me an energizing start.
I come by a stable on my way, but often my donkey friends are still inside. When I softly
call them they come out, wiggle their ears greeting me, follow me with their kind gaze for
a while and then trot off into their huge pasture as I continue upwards.
After passing some sparse houses I turn off into the forest, and there the path gets stony
and steep. It’s one of the more strenuous parts of my hike, but I’ve found a way to “enlighten” it: I do a walking meditation. Concentrating on my steps I count my breaths,
two steps for an in-breath, three for an out-breath. That not only frees my mind, but also
makes this part seem less long.
Two hours later, I’m up at the mountain pasture & little tavern of La Louère, where the
“real” hike starts. Now the warm hours are here and sunglasses and a cap are a must, but
this fresh start created a centre of cool, sparkling energy that I can tap of
during my whole day.

♫ Here comes the sun ♫

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2 Responses to Early Morning Energy

  1. Margret says:

    Danke für das Rezept! Vegan…muss ich mal probieren.
    Wo und was arbeitest du?
    Liebe Grüße

    PS Die Fotos auf Instagramm sind ja eines schöner als das andere – phänomenal

    • Sabinas says:

      Meinst Du das Bananen-Brot? Ja, das ist es echt wert, ausprobiert zu werden! Ich arbeite nur noch für mich selbst 😉 Danke auch für den Lob meiner Fotos, das ist inzwischen zur Passion geworden 🙂

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