Early Mornings

We all have different biological clocks. There are people who aren’t really awake
until after lunch, even if their working schedule forces them to be up and running
already at 7 AM. Other people enjoy waking up with the birds, and start feeling
sleepy in the evening when the party has only just begun.
I definitely belong to the second category. For me, there’s almost a magical feeling
about getting up when it’s still dark outside and everybody else is fast asleep.
The whole world seems to “belong” to me, and when the light slowly returns I already
sit at the breakfast table, greeting the new day with a cup of fragrant tea. Getting
up early makes me feel like I have all the time in the world, and that my energy
level is on top.
I know I’m privileged: our society is built for the early birds, and alas, the night
owls have to adapt. However: most kinds of entertainment start late at night, when
the early birds have already been yawning for quite a while.
The most magical mornings are the very early ones in summertime. I remember getting
up at four in the morning at our summerhouse, quietly leaving the sleeping family
behind, and sneaking off to the sea. There was nobody down at the vast, flat, sandy
beach and the soft, peachy light welcomed me like a warm embrace. Flocks of seagulls
loudly greeted the day as I briskly walked along the shoreline, and beginning the
day like that was like a promise of wonderful surprises. Because of this start,
that day already had a golden shimmer that nothing really could rub off.
However, I still haven’t greeted the day up on a mountaintop. My dream is to spend a
night under the bare sky, and to wake up when the light returns and tinges the peaks
with a warm hue. The whole earth must be glowing with vitality! Now, for safety reasons,
this specific experience needs to be made in company, and I am still looking for the
right persons. Who would like to join me…?

The pink morning hue comes a bit later in winter

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