Easy & Exquisite

You can stand in the kitchen preparing a nice meal for hours, and it can be absolutely
worth it. But sometimes, if you get just the right ingredients, you can create something
so easy, and yet so delicious in a very short time.
On one of my latest hikes I passed by the high mountain pasture Le Chiesso above Nax,
two villages further away. This is one of the pastures that also has a little bar and
their own “fromagier”, a cheese maker. In this pasture there are not only cows, but also
sheep and goats, and all their different cheeses are very famous, so I got a “tomme de
chèvre” (a soft goat cheese).
In our common village garden – a garden that people in the village share, both the care taking and the produce – the cherry tomatoes were just ripe, so I picked a bunch,
fried them in olive oil, seasoning with salt, pepper, fresh thyme, winter savoury, oregano
and rosemary.
Then I served a nice chunk of the soft and perfectly ripe cheese with the tangy but still
very sweet tomatoes, a handful of toasted walnuts and some home made bread. The luscious texture of the cheese and its not too strong goat taste married perfectly with the fresh acidity of the tomatoes and was nicely rounded off with the crunchy walnuts and a complementary glass of red wine. Pure delight!
If this this is something you are interested in I would be more than happy to share a
more exact recipe in another blog post.

Ripe for the restaurant!

Ripe for the restaurant!

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  1. Beatrix says:

    Oh ja, liebe Sabina! Unbedingt noch mehr so einfache, aber super-leckere Rezepte teilen. Unbedingt! B.

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