Elective Affinities

I have two brothers and we are very close, the three of us. Recently my younger brother threw a party for his even birthday and once again I enjoyed the company not only of family members, but also of lots of good friends that we all have in common. This is a double blessing: not everybody has siblings and not all siblings get along with each other.
However, I don’t have a sister, something I really missed as a child. I longed for someone who was always there to play with (since boys often like to play other games than girls) and someone to share my innermost secrets with. Well, if you miss something hard enough you often end up getting it, one way or the other… In the course of my life I’ve made several very good female friends, as close as to be called “sister from another mister”. In German there is a beautiful word for this kind of dear friends, close as family members: “Wahlverwandtschaften”. It is translated to English as “(elective) affinities”, and means family that you have chosen. With these friends you feel as close and relaxed as you (hopefully) do with your own family. If you, on top of that, even share parts of each other’s history (school, university, clubs & associations, workplace etc.) and know each other’s families the relationships reaches an even higher level.
These kind of friendships might last since childhood, but sometimes they form rapidly: my latest “Wahlverwandschaft” is quite recent, but due to a special personal chemistry and to B’s openness and generosity we shared each other’s lives, feelings, and families
really quickly.
I am old enough to have close friends with grown-up children that I’ve known since they were babies. When a connection is created with this second generation it really feels like a confirmation of true elective affinity!
Are there friends in your life that you would call “Wahlverwandschaften” …?

My chosen sister B., as in Bluebell💙💜

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2 Responses to Elective Affinities

  1. Me says:

    Awwwww 💚 I am lucky to have you and even have a blog post to my own.
    Thank you for all the beautiful words.
    I am feeling lucky to have you

    • Sabinas says:

      Dear sister, I am the one who’s lucky having 💜YOU💜 in my life! Thanks for your lovely comment! 😊

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