Enjoy Being Celebrated

With all the firm convictions I have about how to live a good life – eating healthy and doing sports, dropping the ego and being there for others – my life might seem a bit austere. It’s clear that my first command is to practice what I preach, but exceptions must be allowed to reach a good balance.
Once a year I take a day just to indulge in whatever I crave for, to celebrate myself and let others celebrate me too: my birthday! I don’t feel bad about it at all – I just fully enjoy allowing all the light to shine on me. We all need a day when we feel special and unconditionally loved.
This year I have a “zero birthday”, and my daughters wanted to do something special for it. I hesitated because I don’t particularly like being the centre of attention, but then I realised how amazing it is that they actually want to celebrate me! Why shouldn’t I let my near and dear ones show how much they care for me, and enjoy it?
It was an amazing celebration: my daughters organised a wonderful dinner party for a handful of close lady friends in Sweden. It all started earlier that day with my older daughter telling me there was a surprise gift in the closet. Suspecting nothing I opened the door and out jumped my younger daughter!! She lives in England and just started off a new education, so “apparently”  it would not be possible to come. It was the happiest surprise ever! Later we all enjoyed a superb three-course dinner together; an unforgettable evening, full of laughter, wonderful memories, delicious food and wine, fun and play.
Having moved around a lot in my life, my friends are spread out all over Europe, so it’s impossible to do a big party for all of them, and frankly: I prefer smaller, more intimate parties, where you can actually talk to each guest. However, my absent friends joined us on another frequency and were with us in spirit!
After the dinner party, Part II of this amazing birthday celebration will take place on the day itself: an amazing Celebration Day in wonderful Copenhagen with my daughters and my brothers. They planned it all, I only know that there will be some interesting visits, lovely meals, cool places and a surprise guest! And yes: I will certainly enjoy every single second of it without any feeling of “why all this fuss about me..?” I am so totally worth it!
There’s even a Part III of the celebration to follow, and I will most certainly enjoy that to the fullest, too. 🙂

The beginning of a wonderful evening

The beginning of a wonderful evening

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4 Responses to Enjoy Being Celebrated

  1. Beatrix says:

    Wunderbar, vor allem, dass A. doch noch kommen konnte! Lass Dich feiern und genieße es!

    • @spesab says:

      Danke, liebe Beatrix! <3 Ja, Adrianas Kommen war wirklich der Clou! Ich habe alle Feiern (auch mit A2) voll ausgekostet und genossen 🙂 🙂

  2. Andrea Than says:

    Liebe Sabina, mein dritter und letzter Versuch, meine Wünsche zu Deinem besonderen Geburtstag loszuwerden. 2x kam die Mail an dich zurück.
    Wir wünschen Dir alles erdenklich Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag, vor allem Gesundheit und viel Freude in Deinem so herrlichem Domizil. Ich versuche immer hier im Blog einiges zu verstehen, freue mich aber besonders über die Fotos.
    Hast Du Deine e-Mailadresse verändert?
    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Du mir die neue Adresse mitteilen könntest. Beatrix co. sind ja auf Fuerte, so dass ich sie nicht fragen konnte.
    Alles weitere dann in einer ausführlichen Mail. Liebe grüße von Deiner Cousine Andrea

    • @spesab says:

      Tausend Dank für Deine lieben Grüsse, Andrea! Nein, meine Email ist die selbe; ich sende Dir eine als Beweis 😉 Wenn Du die Fotos besonders magst, solltest Du mal in Instagran reinschauen 😉 Dort heisse ich @spesab Alles Liebe, Sabina

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