Even Closer to Nature

Living at the edge of a tiny village in the mountains and having the privilege
of spending several hours outdoors every day (hiking or gardening), I already
feel pretty close to nature. I go out in any kind of weather, follow the shifts
of the seasons and enjoy every facet of these constant changes.
However, sometimes I feel even closer to the nature that surrounds me, and that
is when it not only nourishes my soul, but also my body: when I cook my food
from what I find along my hikes or in my garden.  
In spring I collect nettles for soup and herbal tea, wild spinach for a lovely
pasta dish, and broadleaf plantain for pesto, just to name some of the plants I
find along my trail. Now, as a complete layman when it comes to growing my own
vegetables I would not expect to find much to eat in my garden in spring, except for
wild garlic and lovage, but much to my surprise I noted that some kale plants had
started sprouting again and that there were some onions left that I could use. With
all these early herbs and vegetables I cooked a lovely garden soup, full of the
green energy of spring. It had the full, rich taste of herbs and fresh air and I
felt that it coloured my whole being in a tender green shade.
On that beautiful sunny day, when I had not only made a long hike, but also
worked in my garden until my back ached, it felt like a special gift from Mother
Nature being able to prepare a meal from what she had produced right next door. I
completed the garden soup with home made sour dough bread and a glass of red wine,
and enjoyed my meal in the evening sun under my balcony, next to my freshly
replanted common columbine
With a view over snow capped mountains in the last warm rays of the sun and this
fresh and simple meal right from the garden on my plate I not only felt very close
to nature, but really being a part of it, sharing its overflow of life force
and energy.

My little harvest

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