Faire une cabane

My life as serious hiker started five years ago when I moved up to the mountains. Hiking was one of the prime reasons for that move and I went out and about every day. I got to know other hikers, and they often got a special sparkle in their eyes when they talked about to “faire une cabane” – going up to a mountain hut and staying over there.
Most of these manned huts, situated at around 2.000 – 3.000 m altitude and surrounded by high peaks, are not easy to reach. The trail up there is long, steep, stony … simply difficult. After such a strenuous hike it is wonderful to reach a place where you are welcomed with a smile and where you can sit down and have something to eat or drink, and a little chat with the hut host or other hikers.
Simplicity is the leitmotiv of these mountain huts and life is basic. Every single item is transported up there by helicopter! If you stay over night, you have a simple common meal early in the evening and then you can play cards or chat, read or write, since there’s rarely any internet connection (nice for a change!). There are no showers, just sinks with cold water and you sleep in dormitories, sometimes with up to 10 other people. But…!
… waking up early to complete stillness, fully immersed in nature, going out to see the daylight rise over the mountain tops, hearing the whistle of the eagle or the marmot – that is just magic. After a good breakfast, you are eager to start off again, facing another difficult hike with renewed forces.
The beautiful little Cabane de Susanfe, is situated in southern Switzerland, close to the Dents du Midi. It was the first mountain hut I visited in years, and much thanks to the wonderful team of hut host Fabienne and her lovely assistants the stay really whetted my appetite. Let’s see if I will “make another hut” before the summer season ends….

Catching a first glimpse of the Cabane de Susanfe

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