Fall in Love

Close your eyes
Fall in Love
Stay there.

You can interpret this lovely verse by Rumi (Jalal al-din Rumi, 1207-1273)
as a romantic love poem, but I see it in a much wider context, as
falling in love with life.
We often live our lives so carelessly, on automatic pilot. Your life is much
too valuable for such negligence.
Feel your heart grow and smile, and fall in love with your life! Every minute
of it, every aspect of it. Return to the wide opened rapture you could feel
as a child, when you discovered something new and exciting. Approach each
moment of your life, even the most trivial ones like shopping for groceries
or writing a project plan, with “fresh eyes”, realising the miracle it is that
you are alive on this earth and can actually perform these tasks.
Look around! Especially at the beginning of spring you can see another miracle
unfolding everywhere: the miracle of rebirth and growth in nature. Fall in love
with the yellow crocuses that so strenuously come back year after year to brighten
up our gardens like little suns.
Close your eyes. Feel the freshness of the wind or the warmth of the sun against
your skin. Fall in love with life. Over and over again.

Claudia falling in love with Sicily

Claudia falling in love with Sicily

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