Flower Power

Flowers makes us happy and I think even clothes with flower prints spread jollity. They are not serious or elegant, but they manifest a joy of living! Flower prints might be regarded as a little ridiculous by those who want to be cool, but to me they feel happy, relaxed and show that you have a positive outlook on life. Wearing plain black might be practical and chic, but to me it does have a “mourning” touch, and it is quite harsh against lighter complexions.
I like all kinds of colourful and happy prints, but as a fervent amateur botanist I find that flower prints are a wonderful expression of nature and poetry, carried along in big cities and other not very “natural” places. Seeing somebody with a colourful flower print shirt always makes me smile. Why? Perhaps because flowers are like the stars of earth: their beauty just makes them (and us!) shine. Flower prints remind me of somebody sweet and delicate from my childhood, somebody who is long gone. Perhaps they makes me smile because the person in flower print clothes dares to stand out and takes the risk of being regarded as a bit cheesy or frumpish. Such a person openly displays his or her love of flowers and nature, doesn’t take herself all too seriously and reveals a little playfulness. Life might be heavy and grey, but we can still do our best to spread some lightness and joie de vivre around!
After years of dressing far too seriously to fit into the corporate world, I am now the happy owner of two pairs of flower print trousers (one for spring, one for autumn), a skirt and two shirts. They are still quite discreet and not strikingly colourful, but they are a good start on my way into Flower Power Land!
Do you – man or woman – have any clothes with a flower print, at least a scarf or a tie…? Wear it tomorrow and feel how it lifts up your spirits!

Slipping into this shirt always makes me happy!

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