Free Inner and Outer Spaces

Where I live should reflect who I am. I want my need for inner peace to be
reflected by a harmonious, uncluttered home. I’m not striving for Japanese
purity, but I need free surfaces.
Alas, I am still attached to too many objects. A’s chandeliers, B’s painting, V’s
red-dressed angel, and the black cat out of wood my dad did for our childhood summer
house – I want to keep these things to remind me of people dear to me.
How do I match these two wishes? Restraining my tendency to be radical and get rid
of everything at once, I go step by step. What I’ve done so far is to
• sort the objects I’m affectionate about, keeping one from each person
• range things with a practical purpose in drawers close to where they’re used
• get rid of things I will not keep (and not just hide them in the basement ;-).
The last one is the hardest. I don’t want to simply throw away what’s still useable.
Family and old friends live fare away, so I cannot leave anything to them and in my
village there’s no second hand store. Luckily there is a solution: the wall around
our waste sorting area has become a kind of show-case for unbroken, proper things
that people don’t want anymore. There I place my “leftovers”, even if – I admit it –
it sometimes hurts. Well, “anything that can be lost in a shipwreck isn’t yours”

Neat and orderly

Neat and orderly

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