From Head to Heart

We all know it: we think too much. We spend too much time and energy in our heads,
which leads to everything from headaches to depressions. At work and for solving specific problems it may be necessary, but at least in our spare time we should give our brains
a rest every now and then. When we always think, we forget to feel.
What happens when I actively lead down the “thinking energy” from the brain to the
heart? It becomes “feeling energy”. Give it a try:

• Stop what you are doing and close your eyes
• Take a deep breath and feel the energy that buzzes around in your head
• Visualise a shining channel from your head to your heart
• “See” how the energy from your head slowly slides down behind your face and throat down to your heart, filling it completely
• Notice how your whole body relaxes when the energy flows downwards.
• Notice how your head feels wonderfully empty, light, and calm, vibrating of freshness.
• Feel how your heart expands with all that energy, how it gets warm and shining.
• Feel how that energy warms up not only your heart, but your whole physical being.

I think it’s important to free your head from the heaviness of “thinking energy” every now and then. Doing this beneficent, relaxing exercise to unload your head and fill your heart will make you feel light, fresh and ready for new beginnings.

It’s not necessary to sit under the Sicilian sun, but it helps 😉

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