Goodbye, Golden Autumn!

We have had the most magical autumn up here this year.
Apart from a quick dip into winter with some snow mid October, it’s been amazingly
warm and sunny until now. The colours of the deciduous trees changed to the brightest
shades of yellow, orange and red and as the larch trees followed, whole forests were
glowing like warm gold.
Now most leaves have fallen from the trees. The larch tree needles have turned to
ochre and gently come sliding down, like enchanted fairy hair.
I slowly tread on the soft carpet that these needles form on the ground, hearing the
cracking of small branches under my feet, and smelling the rich scent of decomposition in
the forest. Right there and then I am the golden autumn, glowing with happiness
to have fulfilled yet another life cycle, preparing for a long rest, and – deep inside –
being in peace with the fact that my time, too, will come to an end one day.

Ah, those warm and intense autumn colours...

Ah, those warm and intense autumn colours…

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