Hand, Head and Heart

Writing (as any other “calling”) is a lot about discipline. I sit down to write in the morning, when my energy is high and my mind feels fresh. Often, however, inspiration is lacking and I just can’t think of what to write about. I sit before the empty sheet of paper, pen in my hand, and my mind just goes blank.
In these cases I simply let my hand move over the paper. Anything that crosses my mind is written down. That way a lot of nonsense comes out of my fountain pen, but that doesn’t matter. If I just continue eventually a flash of inspiration will emerge, and I will have found my subject.
I have often wondered where these flashes come from. Is it the physical movement of my hand, which is somehow linked to my heart and my head…? If I were to search this on the Internet, I would surely find some kind of explanation, but I don’t really want any (pseudo) scientific proof for anything. I am happier with my own visceral feeling that there is a close connection between my Hand, my Heart and my Head.
The fact is that a stream of inspiration is born when I show that I am prepared to work for it. That gives me faith in my own creativity: when I show that I am open to inspiration, it will come. Something will be born from the continuous movement of my hand running across the paper and it will connect to my mind and soul. Body, mind and soul together: the Hand, the Head and the Heart. When they are joined towards the same goal – when I am unified and present – magic happens.
I wonder if it is the same for other people who create different kind of things? Who among you readers that paint, write, draw, or do any other kind of creative work have the same feeling? That even if we feel empty, if we just DO our thing, the connection of Hand, Head and Heart will produce little miracles?

Hand, Head & Heart

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