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Up to a certain point we are the fruit of our heritage and environment. What our parents, teachers and other “authorities” taught us has formed us much more than we sometimes want to admit. However, even if we do admit and accept it, at some point in our lives we have to critically consider the influence of these inherited opinions and values. Do they still suit us in our lives right now, do they fit our deepest wishes? Do we really want to live according to them, or do we actually have different values deep inside?
One example could be our working morale. The older generation sometimes had quite a different way of seeing and valuing their working relationships than we have. Still we continue to work very hard and feel overly responsible towards a company that might not even properly value our contribution.
Do you stick to values and opinions that don’t really express your own deepest convictions as the person you are today? It is a good idea to reconsider the way you live your life from time to time, to question your habits and choices. You might have developed and grown, and they might not be valid anymore. If there is one thing that is sure in life, it’s that it is constantly changing. And so are we, wether we realise and welcome it, or cling to outdated values and standards.

In some parts, the values of my parents - and Grandma - were different from mine

Some of the values of my parents – and Grandma – were different from mine

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