Hiking and Walking Meditation

Hiking is a good activity to practice mindfulness, especially when the path is difficult;
on higher altitude, passing steep slopes in rocky areas you have to concentrate to one
hundred percent if you don’t want to have an accident (I know from experience, but
luckily it just ended in some stitches on a knee).
It’s vital to keep your eyes on the path at all times: when admiring the landscape you
have to stop walking and stand still – for your own safety and to enjoy that moment to
the fullest.
While working at overcoming my high anxiety I have learned to concentrate fully on my
breath and stop compulsive thinking: when crossing a suspended bridge over a ravine or
having a steep slope next to a very narrow path I must drop anxious thoughts about what
might happen and just be with my feet and where I carefully place them.
Practicing mindful walking is, of course, much more relaxed and enjoyable when the path
is easy. During every single one of my hikes, I practice walking meditation for at least
20 minutes, because it’s so refreshing and makes me enjoy my body and my surroundings
much more intensely.
I wish I could live my whole life like that… Well, step by step I’m approaching that goal 🙂

Full concentration needed!

Full concentration needed!

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  1. Sabinas says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind comment. Enjoy your day! 🙂

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