Hug a Tree

The other day I went up to a beautiful clearing in the forest above the village, where my favourite tree stands. It is an old larch tree, a real survivor. Lightning struck and mutilated it years ago, but it’s still full of strength and life.
I hugged “my” tree for a long time, including friends and family in that warm embrace. What a wonderful moment of closeness and peace. It lifted up my whole day.
Inspired by this heart-warming experience I once again searched my garden for a tree to hug closer by. My oldest cherry tree stands on a steep slope so I had discarded it, but now I secured the path up and built a little plateau to stand on. Then I hugged this gnarled companion, and it was perfect.
In times when social and physical contacts are scarce, hugging a tree makes even more sense. It fills your body and mind with happiness and it really makes your heart gentle.

Moomin knows how good it feels to hug a tree

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