Imagine Your Life

Imagine your life, the way you would want it to be.
Where do you live? What are your daily routines? What do you do, that you don’t seem to find time for today?
Which of your (old or new) talents are you exploiting – and how do you share them with the world? What are you learning more about?
What outdated habits have you changed? What negative relationships have you let go of? What kind of people are you surrounded by?
You can do more than dream of a different life: start doing something – however small –
today that gets you closer to the life you want to live!
(Inspiration for this post from Daphne Rose Kingma’s beautiful book “A Garland of Love”- daily reflections on the magic and meaning of love)

My dream is to live in such a house...

Still looking for my dream house in real life…



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  1. Bilgen says:

    What a beatiful reminder

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