In Between Seasons

Summer still lingers on up here: temperatures at midday are around 25C and I’ve been
able to hike in shorts and sleeveless tops. Every day like this is a precious gift,
and very consciously I enjoy the fresh breeze against my skin, and try to store away
the late summer warmth and sunshine deep in my soul.
The air is exceptionally crisp and clear this time of year, and the colours start
turning towards a golden yellow, and bright orange, and a warm red. Heather is
blooming, blueberries are ripe and the mountain slopes explode in vibrant autumn
colours. Yes, the season is definitely changing and on my morning hikes I already
need gloves – it’s just above 10C…
However, autumn has not yet fully entered the scene. On some days I can still have
my lunch on the balcony, butterflies still flutter among late blooming flowers and I
can still wear my shorts. Yes, that’s my special summer symbol 🙂
How I love these Indian Summers, and how deeply I enjoy them with all my senses! Well,
isn’t it always when you see the end of something, that you experience it with particular

Those colours...!

Those colours…!

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