Inner Peace

In times of inner and/or outer turmoil I need a fixed point – a center of peace to
return to and to rest my mind in. When I feel my heart racing or my head swelling
of unwanted thoughts or emotions I do meditation in its simplest and most direct
form: I stop, close my eyes, turn my face to the sky, and breathe. I am still in
there somewhere, I just have to relax and return to my center. Storms rage, but I
am standing tall. It might take time to get through this, but I can do it, step
by step. Breath by breath.
There are also longer meditations that help in restless times. You can find guided
meditations on the Internet, like “The Lake meditation”, but you have to be comfortable
with the voice and the way of speaking of the person guiding you. Personally, I prefer
listening to such meditation instructions a couple of times before, and then guiding
myself when doing them.
For a “head person” like me the risk of getting stuck in a whirlwind of ever-circling
thoughts is big in times like these, and I constantly need to remind myself of my
physical existence. I need to return to being alive right here and now, return to
my inner center of peace, again and again. Breath by breath.

Thinking of the beautiful Lac Bleu during the “Lake Meditation”

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