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Being a bit old-fashioned I’m not very much into social media. I left Facebook some
years ago: too much private information about people I hardly knew (ex colleagues,
old class-mates, friends of friends) and too much advertising.
Well, when I settled down in the mountains my daughters convinced me to join
Instagram to stay in touch with them and with the friends I had left behind after
all my moves. Working with Instagram actually also brought me back to photography,
a hobby since my early teenage years. Mind you, always with extremely basic equipment:
first small automatic cameras, nowadays my cell phone. Too impatient for an SLR camera!
During these two years on Instagram I’ve gotten wonderful response from my audience,
and I think I’ve developed as a photographer too.
However, what keeps surprising me is the “human side” to Instagram. I’ve made “real life”
friends with people here in the area, and I also have a very inspirational contact with Instagrammers that live too far away to meet in person, but with whom there’s a really
nice exchange. They truly widen my horizon – for poetry, other countries and cultures, for
fairies, art and much more.
The simple Instagram format suits me well: a beautiful or interesting picture and only
very little text. And yet sometimes you get this nice, personal touch that cheers up
even the greyest of days.

All these Alpine snowbell flowers represen dear Instagram friends

All these Alpine snowbell flowers represen dear Instagram friends

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2 Responses to Instagram Inspiration

  1. Charley says:

    Hello Sabina,

    Today many coincidences followed each other, following you on IG and reading your website.
    I would like to mail you directly, is that possible ?

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