Invest in What’s Important

Since I revised my life, moved up the mountain and found my little house, my home has
really become my castle. When I first saw this little chalet I helplessly fell in love
with it! It wasn’t conquered that easily, but finally it became mine. It was an investment
of a lifetime, and now it is also my main source of expenditures… At the same time my financial situation became a bit strained, so every penny spent needs to be thought over.
What do you do when you face major investments?
A new roof was needed, and since the roof is the most important part of the house, there
was no way around this huge expense. The house was built 35 years ago, and the old
eternit roof started to crumble. These kinds of roof tiles are not used anymore because
they contain asbestos, so it felt good to replace them with something else. However, my
main interest in putting on a new roof was the insulation: there was none before, because
the house had always been a vacation home and nobody had lived here all year round. On
winter mornings it was around 12°C (inside!) – a bit too chilly even for my taste. So, last
summer I decided to make this effort and get a new roof with proper insulation.
What a procedure it was to get the What, How, Who and When figured out! With a year’s
delay we finally got it all together and this summer local enterprises did the job. They
put up huge scaffolding and even I had to fold in half trying to get in the front door.
Only one man and one woman (our local hero Flavia, an incredible lady!) did the whole
job. I tried to keep out of the way, but it was really interesting to follow the whole procedure.
With masks on they removed the eternit tiles and then the old wooden construction
underneath, and then they applied a thin protection against humidity under the
insulation. It had not been easy to decide on what to use there: I wanted organic
materials, but unfortunately the organic insulation materials are not (yet) half as
efficient as rock wool, so I decided to use 16 cm of that. Then the builders applied
a new layer of protection and a new wooden construction on top of that. Finally came
the most important part: the new top layer.
In this region slate roofs are tradition, and I just love them. Big, irregular pieces
of slate are used, it’s a real art to lay these roofs and obviously they become very expensive. Alas, no option for me. Normal tiles was one possibility, but then the local builder came up with cupa slate tiles. These come from Spain, are darker than the slate normally used here (nowadays imported from Norway, Italy or even China!). They are cut by machine, and are about the size of normal tiles, so they are easier to work with, and therefore the price was reasonable. I don’t regret this choice a second: this roof is strong and beautiful and it will last a lifetime.
Very rarely I can allow myself this kind of expenditures, but when I do, then I prefer to pay a bit more and get something that will last. Investing properly in what is really important is my credo. And I love the idea that my grandchildren will still be able to benefit from my beloved chalet and its beautiful slate roof in the future.

Isn't it a beauty, my new roof..?

Isn’t it a beauty, my new roof..?

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  1. Beatrix says:

    Ja, sehr schön geworden. Und auch wieder eine Ähnlichkeit: lieber etwas mehr ausgeben und länger sparen, aber dafür etwas langlebiges bekommen! Drückli Beatrix

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