When it’s summer my wish to knit is normally zero and my knitting projects rest
peacefully in their big rattan basket. But this year I attacked a new project in
the middle of August – a pillow case. It’s a contract work and the idea wasn’t mine,
but I really like it, and any good ideas for presents are always welcome. If you have
some, please share them!
I don’t know what it is about knitting, but once you’ve started, you easily get obsessed:
you want to knit day and night, all the time. Unfortunately such behaviour can – and
has – result(ed) in inflammations in your tendons, so I have to control my knitting urge
and take it a bit easy.
During decades of knitting I’ve worked with “everything” from intricate lace pattern
scarves to simple potholders, I’ve done large cardigans for XL men and tiny socks for
newborns. Most fun was knitting sweaters for my children when they were small: not
only did they get something unique, but also of as good quality as to last even for
the next generation 😉
Anyone who has ever knitted will agree: it’s definitely addictive. Once I’m busy with
one piece, I immediately want to start with the next one. Colours, patterns, yarns,
other people’s ideas… it’s all so inspiring! Suddenly I remember all the half-finished projects in my rattan basket as well, and pick up a second one directly.
The only way I know to avoid pain in tendons or other negative results of excessive
knitting is to put on the timer: one hour of knitting, the I have to do something else.
Does anybody know any good stretching movements for hard-core knitters…?

Even in a hand-knitted sweater, you're sad when you lost your flower...

Even in a hand-knitted sweater, you’re sad when you lost your flower…

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