Let Your Inner Voice Emerge

In one way or another each one of us has something to communicate to others that
can help or inspire them. Each one of us has his or her own inner voice. Do you have
access to your own personal voice? It is not something that will show up all by itself
when you command it! You have to actively work on it to bring it out.
We all have different channels of communication, and of how we best share our inner
truths with others. My main channel is writing; I have been writing ever since I was
a child and will probably continue until I can see no more. Just like other people who
enjoy writing, I have discovered that my personal message doesn’t emerge through sudden outbursts of inspiration, but through constant, stubborn work. I guess that’s true for
other creative work as well, be it painting, composing music, doing origami or working
with wood. You just have to take your time, sit down and do it, even if you feel
completely empty and would rather stick your head in the sand. You have to diligently
practice your skill, over and over again.
So I sit down on a regular basis with an exercise book and make my hand move the pen
over the paper to form words and sentences, even if I don’t have any “vision” or the
slightest idea on what to write about. I start writing down whatever rubbish or senseless
words that come to my mind, and suddenly a grain of gold emerges.
Suddenly one of the sentences looks up at me and says: “Hey! I have something important
to say!” That sentence might point to a question or an issue that I have worked on before,
or something that worries me, or somebody near to me. Such a sentence can start off an important reasoning, result in a blog post, a poem or even a short story.
I’m always amazed by these sparks of inspiration; who knows where they come from or
why they pop up right then and there. I just know that these sparks rarely come out of
the clear blue sky, but most often when I’ve been writing for a while, and thereby paved
the way for them to emerge. In other words, if we don’t practice, inspiration doesn’t
just suddenly hit us. We shouldn’t allow any writer’s block to silence us. We have to
ignore the part of us that whispers “you don’t have anything to say” or “there’s no point
in trying”, and just keep on working in order to reach the point of inspiration.
It feels as if I have to show my inner voice that I’m there for it, that I take it seriously and make the effort to prepare the ground for it. Then it starts growing surprising,
magical flowers.

My faithful writing companion, the Sailor fountain pen

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