Life’s Surprises

We met again after ten years and suddenly everything changed. Suddenly my life seems
different, my center of gravity is upset and my feet search for solid ground.
I had installed myself in a world of my own choice and found my own little way of life,
with full freedom, depending on nobody but myself, my wishes and spleens. Of course life
does not want to be lived that neat and orderly. Of course life drew a line through my
bill. A person reappeared in my life and shook it to the core – and I am okay with it!
Now I have to find solid ground again. Or – do I really..? Perhaps it’s time to let go
of the ever thinking, planning and controlling part of me and just see where this
leads me?
Such a chemical reaction between two people is a gift from the universe and I will not
blow this chance to let it change me, to develop and grow “beyond my wildest dreams”.
Thank you life for your teachings and for all the infinite possibilities you present me with!
Have You ever experienced something in your life that felt like destiny?

Running towards something new

Running towards something new

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