Light Therapy

This winter was a slow starter and apart for some snow in October, hills and mountains have been bare, and people very sad. Everybody was missing the snow so the joy was immense when we woke up to 20 cm of white fluff some days ago!
I always thought that the hype around snow was mainly linked to winter sports, and of course that’s a big factor, but I think its biggest advantage is all the extra LIGHT it gives.
For many people winter is just a long dark and grey period to struggle through, and fatigue and depression are the order of the day. Lack of light is surely the biggest reason for this.
But then, when the snow falls our surroundings suddenly becomes WHITE. On sunny days the effect is (at least) doubled: suddenly the whole world is shining and sparkling and we get all the light we could ever ask for!
Perhaps, however, you live in an area without pure snow where light is really scarce. How shall you manage?

  • Every day, take a walk during your lunch break, whatever the weather.
  • Don’t always dress in black or dark grey! In Swedish cream colour is called “winter white” for a reason 😉
  • Stock up with candles and light as many as you can during the darkest hours

And of course, take extra well care of yourself by eating warm, good and nourishing food, dressing up properly and smiling as often as you remember it!

Full immersion in light!

Full immersion in light!

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