Living a Poetic Life

What does it mean to live a poetic life?

For me it means to live in full awareness, with all senses open; being filled with warmth, love and light. Approaching life that way I see and feel beauty everywhere – somehow I “beautify” life through my gaze, and through my open heart.

Simply observing life, I try to not to add any comments. I breathe in my feelings, let them fill me, and then I open my mind and let the words come. There is no thinking, there is just an opening up of the mind, without expectations. The words that spring directly out of the depths of my soul give the feeling a written form, which may turn into poetry.

When I succeed in living that way, moment by moment, I come to see the delicacy and friability of life. I realise how quickly each fleeting moment is over – and how quickly my whole life could be over. That insight fills me with deep gratitude for the wonderful life I have lived, and may yet continue to live.

Other sources of inspiration!

Sources of inspiration

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