Mirrors of the Soul

Sometimes, when I unexpectedly catch the eyes of a stranger in the street or along my trails, with just one glance there is an immediate sense of communion. It is like a magical on the spot understanding. The other person might be just anybody: a little boy or an old lady, a young girl or an elderly man; our eyes meet, and it’s like a spark jumped over between us.
I remember… Once, on my hiking trail, I met a dad and his two teenager kids. We all greeted each other, but when my eyes met those of the young girl a spark jumped over. It only lasted for a second or two, but her glance went right into my heart and filled it
with a smile.
This is one of the advantages of living life at a slower and more conscious pace: you can catch this kind of enchantment. In this case I savoured it long after our paths had crossed and, since I am convinced that this is not a one-way thing, I mused on how the girl was smiling too as she continued along her way. In fact, I sent her a message of happiness through the air that might have reached her and broadened the smile on her face.
Who knows?
When these magical meetings happen I feel that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and that one single exchange of glances can touch the hearts of perfect strangers. These kinds of authentic meetings between two people have a surprisingly big impact, some of them stay with you for a long time.
When did you last pass through the mirrors of somebody’s eyes and were touched deep inside? If you don’t remember, just stay very open and you will see that it soon happens… Then promise to take the time to fully savour that miracle of surprising connectedness.

Where our paths crossed

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