Moon Child

Tonight I’m unable to fall asleep. I toss and turn in my bed, thoughts chase each other
and nothing seems able to calm them down. Impossible to control the whirlwind in my
head by counting my breaths or doing a body scan!
So I get up and have some almonds. Perhaps I was hungry? Then I look out of the windows
towards the mountains, and I understand my unrest. The full moon shines brightly and
it is as if it was looking right at me, calling upon my attention. It pulls me into
its spell. Moon, what do you want of me?
I go out on my balcony and stand face to face with the shining planet. Its milky light
embraces me and I feel an urge to communicate with this magical planet. If I were a wolf,
I’d howl! If I were a poet, I’d write wistful verses, expressing my longing. Now I just
stand there, bathing in the cold light.The crickets play and I hear a bird calling.
Suddenly a cloud starts sliding past the moon, hiding its upper part, as if the moon
were closing its eyes. I think it’s telling me to go back to bed. “I’ll help you to calm
your rushing thoughts”, the Moon transmits to me, silently caressing my head with it’s
silvery glow.”There is nothing to be solved. Life will unfold the way it has to unfold,
and you should just relax and enjoy the ride.”
I bid the Moon goodnight and go back to bed. I feel its benevolent glance on me and
there’s peace. Slowly my thoughts come to rest, and shortly after I’m sound asleep.

Note: Research on the effect of the full moon on humans is very contradictory – some
say none at all, and some say it does make us sleep less – but that doesn’t matter to
me: I know it influences me, and I enjoy our special relationship…

Pleine Lune! Photo by Gérard Georges

Pleine Lune! Photo by Gérard Georges

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