Music, Memories & Feelings

Many of us have strong feelings about music. As an avid music listener myself I love
exploring different styles and genres of music, and it makes me happy every time I
hear a beloved tune or discover something new and exciting. Alas, I am very picky…
Either I love a tune or I literally hate it – there’s no in between. Why can’t I be indifferent, and let music I don’t like just pass by? Probably it’s because music
provokes such intense feelings in me.
This is the wonderful thing about music: it immediately evokes certain images, memories
or feelings, and they can be strong enough to catapult you right into another time and
place, or to people that are long since gone. Every time I hear “Das wohltemperierte Klavier” by J. S. Bach, I just close my eyes and see my father at his little organ down in our basement. When “Albatross” by Fleetwood Mac is being played on the radio, before my inner eye I see myself grooving with my brothers in our flared jeans back in 1975.
I love enhancing my moods by listening to the appropriate music: when I’m feeling
nostalgic I put on my old Beatles’ albums or when I’m in a melancholy frame of mind it is as if I need to listen to music like “Prelude in E minor” by Frédéric Chopin or to the
beautiful melody “After the rain there will always be sun” by Fabrizio Paterlini. When I miss my loved ones I listen to a playlist with songs that remind me of each one of them and immediately my heart fills with gratitude for having these wonderful persons
in my life.
As little girls my daughters felt such a mix of fright, excitement, and joy when they listened to the symphonic fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergeï Prokofiev – perhaps they still do! 😉 Even now, closing my eyes, I can see them crouching under the kitchen table, listening intensely, and hiding under a blanket when they heard the french horns, indicating the wolf!
I enjoy my solitude with extra intensity to the music by Peter Scherer /Don Li in “That Land” and honestly, is there anything better than singing along on the top of your voice with a joyful tune like “Tina” by Lucio Bermudez or “Walking on Sunshine” with Katrina and the Waves when you are bursting with happiness?
Internet sites like YouTube are like treasure chests: I explore them in an unplanned criss-cross way and discover lots of new beautiful music. It’s great to create playlists for geographical areas, music genres and moods (you just have to ignore the advertising). Interested in having a peek at one of my playlists? Go to my Soundtracks or Family&Friends playlists on YouTube!

A milestone: the Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper” album, released 50 (!) years ago

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