My Body is My Temple

“Don’t you realise that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” (1 Corinthians 6:19)
Most of us probably do, but do we live out the real meaning of this quote: a harmonious
unity of body and mind; equal, simple and straightforward?
We all agree that we should not neglect our bodies. Our lives are very incomplete if we
only live in our minds. Not only is there so much pleasure to be felt through our bodies,
but it is also the form in which our souls manifest on this earth. Without a body, no
human life is possible.
The body’s needs are simple: good quality food in moderate amounts, enough sleep, lots of
time and movement in nature, tenderness, care, and good hygiene. That’s basically it.
The body does not need to be driven to the edge by extreme exercise, nor does it need a
very special fruit, flown in from the other side of the world. It does not require
cupboards full of expensive clothes or the latest fitness gear, or extravagant skin
products at equally extravagant prices.
In our culture we easily overdo things and we are terrified of old age and dying. We think
that the more attention we give our body and the costlier its treatments, the longer it
will stay young and healthy. We worship our bodies and make them as strong and
beautiful as we can afford (time-wise and money-wise) in our constant urge to be seen and
admired by others – and because we think that by looking young we will stay young…
The unbalanced cult of the body is equally insane as an unbalanced cult of the mind &
soul. We need to keep all three healthy in a simple, relaxed way, and in unity enjoy life, show love and care for others and be happy.
My body is my temple. But it’s not my God.

Hiking asks for - and provides - a healthy body

Hiking asks for – and provides – a healthy body

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