Days & Nights in Nature

During summer I’d like to spend my whole life outdoors. Due to electricity and water some things have to be handled in the house, though, like cooking and washing. However, almost any other activity be moved outdoors! Even ironing: with a long extension cord I’m now happily ironing shirts & tablecloths with a view over the mountaintops.
The one thing I still had not tried out was sleeping outdoors. In the beginning of this summer weather up here was a bit unstable, so I had to wait quite a while until I could test-sleep in my garden. The moon had to be in its declining phase, too, but finally I
found a suitable night.
On the little balcony of my garden shed I rolled out a self-inflatable camping mat and my sleeping bag, but got my normal cushion to rest my head on. Next to me I placed my watch and a little battery torch, “just in case”.
At eleven I adjusted in the sleeping bag, on my back to watch the stars. Unfortunately it’s not pitch dark around the house (street lights), but I could still see hundreds of them looking down at me. A fresh evening breeze caressed my face and made the leaves rustle. Birds were flying above me and some of them sang softly. I dozed off…
… waking up from a hoarse sound close to me. The incredible Mr. Fox! Nothing to be afraid of, but still an odd feeling to have him sneaking around just a few inches away.
I dozed off again…
… waking up from scratching sounds nearby. There’s some firewood piled up underneath the balcony, and I guess there was a mouse, a marten or a badger, all of them being regular visitors here. Before I fell asleep again I smiled to the night: despite the interruptions it felt grand to sleep outside, being surrounded by bewitching night sounds and
fresh mountain air.
When I woke up again it was 5 o’clock in the morning. I had actually slept for a few hours on a row, not bad for the first time outside! Even if it was a bit hard on my back and even if I woke up more often than usual I loved the experience. With the freshness of the night air, the stars above, the sounds of animals I really perceived myself as a part of nature. Next time I will sleep in a more remote corner of the garden, directly on the grass, without the shelter of a wall next to me. Let’s see how that feels… ☺

Days in nature – ironing with a view

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