On Kindness

Many things can make the world a better place. As a base they all have a positive approach to our planet and other living beings. Love, helpfulness, care, concern… And at the centre of them all, there is Kindness.
Kindness warms hearts, our own and others. Kindness makes all the difference.
One of my favourite quotes is “Kindness is Love made visible”, found at the Instagram account of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.
This foundation really emanates “love made visible”! They teach, inspire and have great hands-on suggestions for spreading more kindness in the world. At their website you can find an extensive list of kindness ideas, beautiful kindness quotes, free lesson plans and training materials for educators – and you can become a RAKtivist
If we all do at least one kind act, however small, per day our beautiful blue planet will quickly become an even better place to live!
Let kindness rule your life.


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