One Year Later

It is over now, my sabbatical year. (Although I prefer calling it my Gift Year, because it was the best gift I’ve ever given myself.)

What a special year…

A year of major changes, and of uncertainties turning into certainties. A year, during which I rediscovered myself and what’s important in my life. An incredibly happy year!

If I should sum up this year it would be with these words: Simplicity, Nature, and Photography.

Up here in the mountain village, my lifestyle and my habits have become very simple. That goes for all from food to clothing, from entertainment to shopping wishes. It brings me deep satisfaction to truly live the motto “less is more” and to leave the smallest possible footprint on Mother Earth.

Every single day (except one of illness), in any weather I’ve been out hiking for hours. On some days I’ve had to force myself out of the door, but it was always worthwhile. The beauty of nature, the stillness, the little surprises (a close encounter with a squirrel, a rare flower, an enchanting spiderweb), and the freshness – it all invigorates me and brings me back to the Here and Now.

During this year I’ve rediscovered my passion for photography. On my hikes and smaller travels, always an open eye for a beautiful subject, for colours, flowers, a play of light, or an amazing cloud. Even if I’d walk the same path every day, there’d always be something new to discover! It is as though the camera (actually my cell phone) sharpens my vision.

The villagers laugh a little at me, I think, always passing by in hiking outfit, but they greet me with kindness and some of them even start smaller conversations. Through the local church choir and hiking group I’ve made not only acquaintances but even some good friends. I feel at home up here.

And now…? Well, that will come in the next blog post. 😉


From St-Martin into the valley

From St-Martin into the valley

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2 Responses to One Year Later

  1. Bibbi says:

    Vilken jättefin blog du har! Den är så ren! Jag gillar den jättemycket! Du kanske kan sänka hastigheten på den rullande texten lite så är det lite lättare att läsa och sä kommer man bättre ner i tempo för att i lugn och ro kunna läsa och titta på dina underbara bilder, men var är soptippen du lovat mej? Heja dej som vågar!

    • Sabina says:

      Tack, Bibbi, det ska jag leda vidare till Valentina, som gjort denna underbara layout! Prova att läsa den på datorn, där rullar inget av sig självt 😉 Ha ha, och soptippen kommer i sinom tid. Det finns så mycket annat fint att fotografera här 😉

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