Passionate Cookery

Significant for the lifestyle I’ve adopted up here in the mountains is that I spend
hours and hours outside each day. Just like the slogan of a German sports brand puts it: “Draußen zuhause” (At home outdoors).
However, every now and then I allow myself a real House Mouse day, enjoying my cosy
home to the fullest. Then I indulge in all the indoor activities that I adore: writing, reading, drawing, knitting – and cooking.
This year for Christmas I received a wonderful vegetarian cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi,
and during my latest House Mouse day I tried out three very tempting recipes. Afterwards,
as I shared the stunning caramelised fennel with a friend, I remembered a lovely quote by Maya Angelou: “Writing and cookery are just two different means of communication”.
Cooking with passion means that I am aware of what is healthy, that I adore working on
my cooking skills, and – crucial! – that I put all my love and care into each part of
the process. It’s not just a question of nourishing human bodies; it’s also about a deep
wish to communicate lovingly through food with others. When I use healthy and nutritional ingredients and cook with passion the dishes will satisfy both body and mind – down to <
every tiny thankful cell.
When you cook with passion the way you touch a tomato, cut an onion, stir a sauce,
or the seasoning – every gesture – is infused with your love and care. A dish that
is prepared this way will communicate the chef’s care for the food and the dinner
guest indulging in it.
They say that the way to a man’s heart goes through the stomach. I think that goes
for all of us. 😉

Fennel at its best

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2 Responses to Passionate Cookery

  1. Carmen Franzen says:

    das sieht ja mal wirklich unheimlich lecker aus! Jetzt, gerade jetzt wollte ich mit
    Dir in den Bergen sein, den Schnee und diesen Fänkål geniessen!
    Ich hab irgendwie Fernweh merke ich…
    Ich wünsche Dir die beste Zeit ever!
    Alles Liebe aus dem sonnigen Malmö – deine Carmen

    ps. schade, dass man in Deinen “comments” keine Bilder/Fotos einkleben kann 😉

    • @spesab says:

      Hej Carmen! Dieser karamelisierte Fenchel ist wirklich superlecker! Und ja, im Schnee wandern tut auch immer wieder gut. Das ganze Licht, die Leichtigkeit, das Glitzern… Öffnet irgendwie die Seele. Liebe Grüsse, Sabina

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